Szendel PLLC's Mission

Szendel PLLC's mission is to provide our clients with skilled counsel who understands and is driven to achieve their specific objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We serve businesses and individuals who desire "large firm quality" legal service, but also seek to obtain the best value from their attorney, in the areas of Litigation, Business Law and Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy.

Szendel PLLC Is Committed To Upholding The Following Core Values:

  • Do EXCELLENT Work. Each and every one of Szendel PLLC's clients deserve, and can count on us to deliver, the same high-caliber brief writing, contract drafting, negotiation, oral argument and other legal work as is expected of the "big firms." Szendel PLLC's clients receive all of the benefit and value of our years of training and experience in high-stakes litigation and transactions while avoiding the "big firm" premiums for such high-quality service.
  • Be PROFESSIONAL and COURTEOUS. Szendel PLLC provides you with first-rate, attentive customer service from an experienced, dedicated professional. We will keep you informed about the specific strategies we develop to achieve your objectives and provide regular updates on the ongoing status of your particular matter. We believe that you should feel comfortable calling or e-mailing your attorney with your questions and concerns and you can always expect a thoughtful, expeditious response.
  • Maintain a LEAN Practice. Szendel PLLC serves businesses and individuals who want to obtain large-firm quality service at a better value. In order to deliver the value our clients seek, we continuously strive to minimize overhead and maximize efficiency in all aspects of our practice. This enables us to pass the savings on to you.
  • Be SENSIBLE and EFFECTIVE. Szendel PLLC endeavors to craft sensible solutions that take into account all facts and circumstances bearing on your particular matter and their potential impact on your short and long-term objectives. Our purpose is to provide the most cost-effective and result-oriented approach to achieving your goals.
  • Be RELIABLE. Szendel PLLC believes you should view your attorney as a reliable confidant and counselor with regard to your legal problems. We strive to genuinely understand your specific legal needs and to make your objectives our own. Our goal is to be a valuable contributor to your team as you continue to evolve and flourish, to help you surpass difficult problems and to be there for you as your particular legal needs change over time.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss how Szendel PLLC may be of assistance for your New York or New Jersey Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Business Law, or Bankruptcy needs.